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ARZA Canada is an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism and its Canadian Council. We are a member organization of ARZENU, the International Association of Reform Zionists, and the Canadian Zionist Federation. With over 6,000 members, our mandate is to connect with Reform communities throughout Canada, foster connections with and strengthen our ties to the Reform Movement in Israel, and work to realize the vision of Reform Zionism.


President's Message

Dear Chaverim  

With the Israeli holidays of Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut behind us, as Jews and Reform Zionists we rejoice in celebrating our beloved Israel at 71 and the miracle of the return of our people to the land of our ancestors, yet with tears in our eyes. 

Israelis experienced an escalation of violence and more terrorism after Gaza militants fired almost 700 rockets into Israel, killing four Israelis and injuring over 200 Israelis during the first weekend of May. It was the bloodiest fighting there since 2014. We admire the defiance of Israeli communities in the South who have been subject to rocket attacks for nearly two decades. We mourn with all the grieving and suffering on both sides.

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ARZA CANADA, President   


How We're "Rooting" Reform Judaism in the Sands of Holon


In this article, Rabbi Galit Cohen-Kedem discusses the relevance of Tu B'Shvat and the work that her congregation, Kehillat Kodesh V'chol in Holon, is doing to truly "root" Reform Judaism in the community.

Rabbi Cohen-Kedem is the founder and rabbi of Kehillat Kodesh V'Chol in Holon, Israel, established in 2010.

In 1890, Rabbi Wolf Zeev Yavetz from Zichron Yaakov (a town south of Haifa) wanted to celebrate the Mishnaic holiday of Tu BiShvat with his young students. He decided to plant trees with them.

Tu BiShvat was, in Mishnaic times, a calendar landmark set to evaluate the fruit of the trees for tax purposes. Rabbi Yavetz identified the educational and spiritual potential and seized the opportunity for an outdoor educational experience that left a mark both on the landscape and on his students' hearts.

When we began forming Kodesh VeChol, the Reform congregation in Holon (a city of 200,000 residents southeast of Tel Aviv), we aimed to do the same.

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Supporting ARZA CANADA includes fighting for women’s rights which are human rights!
Some good news....
Tuesday, December 4, 2018, in Israel, was a big day for women's rights and the struggle to end violence against women in Israel. It may well be a moment we never forget.
Across the country, tens of thousands of women and men went on strike. At 10:00 am they got up from their seats, went out in to the streets, and stood in silent protest for 24 minutes. Over 200 companies supported the strike and encouraged their employees' participation. And at night they gathered for a mass demonstration in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square.
Tuesday's strike protested the many failures of various institutions to act to defend women from domestic abuse. Nearly 200 women in Israel have been killed by a family member or partner in the last decade. And 24 have been murdered so far in 2018.

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Listen to Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Executive Director of the Israel Movement for Progressive and Reform Judaism, speak passionately about Reform Judaism in Israel.

Rabbi Kariv speaks passionately about the Reform Movement in Israel.

Posted by ARZA Canada on Thursday, November 12, 2015


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